SQL Server Training Courses

Hello and welcome to our brand new training website. We have provided SQL Server training since 2008. We provide SQL training in SQL 2017, SQL 2016, SQL 2014 and SQL 2012. We will consider other versions or other additional modules like Replication, whatever you need.

Pick and Mix

You can Pick and Mix the training courses, so you could choose New Features of SQL 2012 and SQL 2014 for a 1 day and then SSRS 2014 training for 2 days making a 3 day course or you could choose SSRS and Power BI for a 4 day course.

Data Analytics

SQL Server Reporting Training

Data Management

New Features of SQL Server Database Engine and TSQL Enhancements Training

Managers Introduction to SQL Server Training Course – 1 Day

TSQL (Transact-SQL) Training

DBA (Database Administrator) Training 3 Days

Performance Tuning Training – 3 Days

SQL Server Installation Training – 1 Day

SQL Server Data Warehousing Training – 1-3 Days