How we work

Delivery Location

We can deliver training courses on-site (at your premises) or off-site (here at our offices in Northampton or we book a training venue near to your company, this may incur an extra fee). Lunch & Refreshments are provided by us at Northampton.


The trainer will be bringing their own laptop, but you can use your own dev, training or personal hardware, if you have it. We can also provide laptops for the duration of the course. This will incur an extra fee.

Your Requirements

Your company and requirements are unique to you. We will review all your requirements and then provide you with a competitive quote. If you have more people on the course, we can present a more competitive quote.  We want to train, tell us what you want, and we’ll quote you for the work.


It’s simple really. We work with you. We build an agenda from your requirements. You may want say, 1 day of T-SQL and then a day of SSRS, no problem. You may want one day of Power BI, one day of Tabular Data Model and a day of Beginners DBA to make a 3-day course. We can do it.

We create an agenda, and send it back to you. You revise it, you add modules, you take them away and we finalise the agenda. We then build and tailor the course for you. You get an A4 training manual with all the topics and code we cover.

Do not worry if you don’t know what you want, as we have a set of predefined courses.  You can choose what you want. You can also adjust the number of days to suit your level. It’s your training, you can have it your own way.