SQL Server Support

SQL Server Support is a good solution if you don’t have a DBA or your DBA resource are busy on other projects. Sequallity Limited have been providing Remote SQL Server Support to their clients since 2005. Our monthly package is very popular. You don’t need 24×7 support, you just need to make sure your SQL Server is running optimally.

For £350 per month, excl VAT, we will dial in and check your SQL Server is optimal.  This is a 5 hour process of which 4 hours are checking and 1 hour is documenting our findings.  We check the following things from our SQL Server Health Check.

  • Configuration
  • Capacity
  • Correct Maintenance
  • Security
  • SQL Agent & Jobs
  • Monitoring of Blocking, Deadlocks & Timeouts
  • Disaster Recovery (Backup)
  • High Availability

We can add or remove hours if necessary to fit your unique requirements. Here is a more detailed list of the things we cover…

  • CPU/Ram/Memory/Network
  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Windows, SQL Applications, SQL Server and Database Configuration
  • Optimal Disk Set-Up and Disk Space plus for Virtualisation
  • External and Internal Fragmentation
  • System Databases
  • Most Intensive Queries by CPU, Reads/Writes and Duration
  • Indexes, Statistics and Maintenance (we can also create maintenance plans and/or T-SQL scripts sculpted to your specific situation, this may incur extra time, but it will be worth it!)
  • Observations or Recommendations about High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Optimal Backup and Restore
  • Windows and SQL Server Error Log Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Blocking, Deadlocking and Timeouts
  • Future Capacity
  • Edition Suitability, could you save money with Standard licenses?
  • New Features applicable to your database system (In-memory OLTP databases for data consumption)

If you need something else, ask us, we’re flexible and want to work with you.