Passed 1st MCITP exam

Hurrah.  I’ve now got 2 of the 3 exams to become a SQL Server 2005 MCITP.  I enjoyed this one, it was the 70-444 PRO: Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administration Solution by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  They have a catchy title don’t they?  As an MCDBA I could have taken the single upgrade exam after getting the MCTS.  However, as SQL 2005 was a new product, I wanted to learn the ins and outs of it and didn’t mind sitting the extra exam.  When the 2008 exams come out, I may just consider doing the upgrade one.  I think I’d like to do the Database Developer or Datawarehouse Developer exams too.  Talking about it I think I fancy the DW exams.  I have an MCP in OLAP SQL Server 7.0. I studied it and passed the exam with no experience at work.  Mind you it was only at the second attempt.  I failed the first exam by one question.  I went away, licked my wounds, realised what I didn’t understand and came back fighting and got 84% at the second bite.  I enjoy Data Warehousing.  As a DBA its like DBA stuff but slightly different and it has a singular purpose.

I know they’ve got these new Master certifications out but I’m not that interested in that.  I like certification, combined with experience it can keep your solutions fresh and exciting but I like staying at the edge of the Microsoft action, not getting too involved so I can stay Independent.  It is my job to highlight the good and bad of SQL Server.  The need to stay impartial is imperative.